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Jewelry Contract Caster

Quality Casting meets your exacting standards for quality and delivery of finished jewelry casting products. Quality Casting is known as the premier contract caster in the jewelry industry. You can expect an unparalleled attention to detail and a full range of individualized casting service options. You can select from model making to finishing. Quality Casting is the contract caster of choice for large and small manufacturers for jewelry castings.
Quality Casting offers up to the moment order status and style data access. This modern technology provides you with the valuable information you need from your supplier to stay on top of your jewelry casting projects.

Jewelry Contract Caster

Quality Casting takes great care to engineer the highest quality into each cast product you contract. Quality Casting offers designers and retail jewelers the equipment to fully test one of a kind or limited production designs. Quality Casting can help you achieve your design from waxes or computer generated (CG) models and account for the natural laws of precious metal flow dynamics. By reviewing your design and casting goals, Quality Casting can help deliver your best cast results from wax castings and CG designs. Knowing the behavior of precious metals under pressure and temperature changes allows Quality Casting to help you obtain the best results from your jewelry casts.

Jewelry Design Casting

Quality Casting can work from your mold or metal model to create your custom jewelry casting. The casting and mold department at Quality Casting will make decisions on what type of mold is needed based on the model sent before your project is cast. Ensuring you the best possible outcome also maintains quality control over finished product castings. You can select from a variety of precious metal finishing methods from mass tumbling to hand polishing for intricate one of a kind jewelry pieces. At Quality Casting you will find your one stop shop from design, to mold work and finishing.